Sweet exit from rtCamp


Today is my last day at rtCamp. When I joined 7 months back, I was not even aware of the vastness that WordPress ecosystem has. As I did not come from a technical background, initial days were little difficult. With time, I got the understanding of our products and work culture. I have realized the greatness of open source community. I have been fortunate to witness the big milestone of rtCamp as it became the first WordPress VIP Partner from Asia. It was a proud moment for every rtCamper.

Things I learned
I was introduced to productivity and collaboration tools like Slack, Invision, Active collab; Website building tools like PageBuilder; various chrome extensions like Page ruler, Grammarly, Google input tool for translation, Awesome screenshots, What font, Muzli, Page analytics, Type-scale and QR generator. I started writing and managing this blog on wordpress.com and got appreciation from all the rtCampers. I learned the importance of Documentation and contributed to our Design Handbook.

I started actively following a good number of blogs/ sites like:

My Contribution to WordPress community.

  • Contributed in translation for WordPress Version 4.6, named “Pepper”
  • Worked on logo design for WordCamp Udaipur 2017
  • Worked on T-shirt design for WordCamp Pune2017 and won the contest
  • Volunteering work in WordCamp Pune 2017

I learned some good things from rtCamp which are

– Quality means doing it right when no one is looking. ( Work from home is possible)
– Your work should not be result oriented but process oriented.
– Not to speak your thought is slavery. Be vocal. Have your own opinion.

Note of thanks
I want to mention about few people with whom I got the chance to work.

Joel Abreo is an excellent mix of a techno-wiz and a design thinker. He works with high energy and has the ability to put the resources together. I always find him to be an excellent communicator, highly skilled, considerate, and extremely generous. He is a responsible team leader. He’s a pleasure to collaborate with. I thank him for his support and guidance.

Ashish Ingle is one of the most joyful and personable people I have worked with.He lights up our room with his mimicry and makes everyone laugh 🙂 He is meticulous and efficient with his learnings. He comes across as a good human being and a great team worker.He never says no to anyone when it comes for a help. I thank him for his help and support and wish him all the best.

Nitun is a great ideator yet well connected to vernacular sensibilities. He augurs well with the team and quick to fix up the issues. His genuine urge to support the team is one great trait that makes him a good leader. I appreciate his honest feedback on my work.

Prasad is very humble and helping Manager.A highly professional yet human outlook makes his partnership with the clients a strong bond. His understanding of the project, understanding, and articulation of business requirements were a great help for me to understand how to work for a client. Prasad has a strong hold over simplicity in terms of problem-solving, concepts, engineering, execution and most design and development dimensions.I thank him for his guidance.

Vivek is a rare combination of intelligence and humility.He is a very diligent Manager. Even when submerged in complex decisions, he is very quick to grasp the nuances and to solve them swiftly. He is a great Manager and knows how to motivate his team to work efficiently and get the job done 🙂
His energy, commitment to clients and crisis management abilities are exemplary.I thank him for his encouragement and help.

Neeru is a humble and committed developer. She has a good sense of business understanding while working on the creative side.I thank her for her support.

Joel Lobo comes across as a thorough-bred professional, with a warm personality. He is passionate about details, understands the cultural nuances and quickly comforts to the newcomers. He always helped me with professional and personal matters.

And last but not least

Rahul Bansal is a person with a great mix of energy, enthusiasm, and expertise. I was amazed by his interest and involvement in everything that he does. He is a techie and executes new tools and technologies with ease. He is creative and innovative and it comes across the way he advises clients with new business ideas. He is a born leader and a great human being. One can get impressed by his thinking, sound rationality, and prudence. He is an avid blogger.

It’s my pleasure to get to know him. I know his dreams and I believe his traits will certainly ensure that his dreams come true. I really appreciate his consideration for me.

The spirit of being a rtCamper will always be within. My best wishes to everyone who is the part of rtCamp right from CEO, CBDO, CTO, VPs, Accounts, HR team, to Developers, QAs, rtMedia team, Support team, Design, Marketing and Office staff.

It’s has been a great stint at rtCamp 🙂


One thought on “Sweet exit from rtCamp

  1. 7 months?! O.o How time flies!

    It was a pleasure to work with you. I truly admire your humility, openness to feedback and amazing artistic talent.
    All the best for whatever the future holds. I hope to cross paths with you in the future!

    Joel Abreo

    P.S.: Thanks for introducing me to Nairit. He is the cutest little bundle of energy 💥


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