turkish Tea


Turkish tea is world famous. Ask why? In 2004 Turkey produced 205,500 tonnes of tea (6.4% of the world’s total tea production), which made it one of the largest tea markets in the world,[1] with 120,000 tons being consumed in Turkey, and the rest being exported.[2] Furthermore, in 2004, Turkey had the highest per capita tea consumption in the world, at 2.5 kg per person—followed by the United Kingdom (2.1 kg per person)
You will find people chatting with each other having tea in their hands. They drink tea like water 🙂 But this tea is a bit different. It looks red in color and gets consumed without milk. people drink it before or after a meal.

In this pic a shoemaker is sitting at the busy Istiklal street and having his tea before starting the work. This is a typical workstation for a shoemaker, it looks so interesting. They use center part to put the shoe and side sections to keep the polish and other accesories. It has become more interesting with a grafity background 🙂


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